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Conference venue

FinTAL will be held in the Publicum building of the University of Turku.

An overall map of Turku where the conference venue, hotels and other attractions are marked is found here: overall map of Turku

The address is Assistentinkatu 7 (map).

How to reach the conference venue:

From the city centre:
Walking distance from the cathedral is about 1km - 15 minutes at a leisurely pace (depending on where your hotel is, it may take a while to get to the cathedral, though).

  • Go to the Turku cathedral (Tuomiokirkko) (map)
  • Follow the river direction along Piispankatu
  • Take a right turn to Tehtaankatu
  • Take a left turn to Vänrikinkatu
  • Take a right turn at the end - you are by Publicum

From Majatalo Kupittaa (map)
Walking distance from the hostel is about 2km - 30 minutes at a leasurly pace. (We were forced to change the conference venue, hence the increase in distance from the originally advertised 800m. We are sorry for any inconvenience.)

  • Follow Lemminkäisenkatu toward the centre until you reach Hämeenkatu
  • Cross Hämeenkatu, turn 45 degrees to the right and go straight along Rehtorinpellonkatu and then Vatselankatu
  • Publicum will be to the left in front of you

Bus connection from the city centre
Take bus 30 from the market square (Kauppatori) in the direction Yliopillaskylä. The bus leaves from the stop T3 at the corner of Aurakatu and Eerikinkatu (map, timetable). Step off when you spot the famous Posankka (pig-duck) statue (photo). There is no way you can miss the statue! :) Then walk in the tunnel under the highway and you are by Publicum. More information about Turku busses can be found here.

Bus connection from Majatalo Kupittaa
Take bus 6 toward the centre. It will follow Lemminkäisenkatu for about 1.5km and then take a sharp left turn to Hämeenkatu. Step off (bus stop Yliopisto/University) and go opposite to the bus direction some 50m and turn 45 degrees to the left to Rehtorinpellonkatu and then Vatselankatu. Publicum will be to the left in front of you. More information about Turku busses can be found here.