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Conference Banquet

A joint Conference banquet for SMBM'08 and Louhi'08 attendees will be held on Wednesday 3.9 in the Turku archipelago. The banquet is included in the conference registration fee; it is possible to purchase an extra (avec) ticket for an accompanying person (see the registration form).

In addition to the banquet dinner, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings and a traditional Finnish sauna at Saunarantti in Airisto on the island of Stormälö. The sauna will be followed by a dinner in the Airisto Strand hotel. The event, including food and drinks, is free for all conference participants, and we hope everyone can take part!

There will be bus transportation to and from the event. The trip to the banquet venue will include a cruise in the beautiful Turku archipelago.

At Airisto, there will be an opportunity to take a sauna bath at Saunarantti on the seashore. Saunarantti offers, in addition to the common sauna, also a traditional wood-heated savusauna ("smoke sauna"), bathing barrels by the sea, and the possibility to swim in the sea. Please note that saunas will be enjoyed in swimsuits/towels (somewhat parting from Finnish custom). Towels will be offered for use at Saunarantti, but don't forget to bring your swimsuit!

The sauna is, naturally, optional, and those not wishing to bathe can take the opportunity to take a short guided walk of the area, take part in outdoor activities, or relax in the nearby restaurant with a terrace overlooking the sea.

After the sauna, a buffet dinner of traditional Finnish foods will be served in the Airisto Strand hotel restaurant.

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