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Instructions for preparing and submitting the camera-ready manuscript

The camera-ready deadline is August 7, 2008

The camera-ready papers must follow the style prescribed for SMBM submissions and authors are strongly encouraged to use the provided style files to prepare their manuscripts. The page limits are eight (8) pages for full papers and four (4) pages for short papers, including references.

The submissions should have the A4 page size. Before submitting, please make sure (for example in Acrobat Reader) that your PDF file does have the correct page size.

Style files

The style files for both LaTeX and MS Word can be downloaded here. (These files are adapted from ACL-08 style files with permission. Note: the styles differ from the original ACL styles, you have to use the style files provided by SMBM, not those provided by ACL.)

We encourage the authors to use pdflatex, rather than latex, in preparing the manuscript. If, for some reason, not possible, use the option "-Ppdf" of dvips, so that the correct Type1 fonts are included. See the instructions included with the style files for further details.

IMPORTANT: For latex and pdflatex, please use the option a4paper to make sure the text is correctly vertically centered. Your document should thus start as \documentclass[11pt,a4paper]{article}. Note that this option was missing in the original style files, so please remember to add it before you produce the camera-ready.

Submission of the camera-ready manuscript

Before submitting your camera-ready manuscript, please go through the following checklist and make sure your manuscript complies with all the requirements.

Camera-ready checklist:

  • Pages are NOT numbered.
  • The paper size is A4 and the text page is both horizontally and vertically centered on the paper (use a4paper option in Latex documentclass).
  • No text or graphics overflow the column margins.
  • The font sizes have not been changed from those given in the style files.
  • The file opens without warnings in a standard PDF viewer (such as Adobe Acrobat), preferably on a different computer than your own.

The camera-ready manuscript should be submitted as a PDF document using the EasyChair submission system of SMBM'08 that can be found at as follows:

  1. Log into EasyChair using your author account (PC members may need to change their role to Author in the SMBM 2008 menu item)
  2. Follow the Proceedings link in the top menu
  3. Select your paper from the list under the Papers menu item
  4. Submit the camera-ready PDF using the given form


We do not take the copyright of the papers. However, by submitting the camera-ready manuscript, the authors agree that their paper will be published in the printed proceedings as well as in the electronic proceedings made available online.


Note that we require at least one author per paper to be registered at SMBM'08. The registration system is now open.