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Call for Work in Progress Proposals

The deadline, July 30, for Work in Progress Proposals has passed. We thank the authors for their submissions!

The SMBM'08 conference organizers are planning to give room to a new innovative type of submission: work in progress proposals (WOPPs). A WOPP is a two-page extended abstract that expresses compelling ideas, proposes new practical or methodological challenges, unfurls innovative research questions, or showcases or demands novel initiatives (e.g. joint projects). The WOPPs will be reviewed by at least two PC members and accepted submissions will be included in the conference proceedings and given room for a short oral presentation (10 minutes) in the plenum followed by room for open discussion (up to 30 minutes). The presenter receives the unique opportunity to challenge the plenum with novel ideas and to gather views on the prospects of ongoing work. Certainly it is acceptable to initiate novel research directions by disruptive thinking based on solid logic.

The organizers invite WOPPs on all topics of interest to the conference (see Call for papers) and suggest in particular as a possible topic the question what prospects researchers in the domains of ontologies and text mining should foster jointly or, in the opposite sense, what evidence there is that both research domains should follow completely detached directions.

The submission deadline for WOPPs is July 30. Please note that this submission deadline is separate from the regular paper submission deadline, which has passed.

WOPPs should follow the instructions for authors and a two-page length limit. The manuscripts should be submitted directly to the conference organizers' contact address, smbm2008 at gmail dot com.